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Work work work work!! I hate work

Fri Jul 17, 2015, 8:18 PM
I finally got a day off from work and I had to help my bro get speakers for his car, took way to damn long.

That was my attempt at a rant but I'm not vary good at complaining about stuff much.

gotta work almost 14 hours tomorrow its gonna suck. If the current trend of work days and hours continue until the end of the summer I'll only get Mondays and Fridays off from work so I'm gonna try to upload art and stuff on those days. gonna try to upload something tonight but it'll probably happen tomorrow night or Sunday morning.

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Goblins VS Trolls round 4

The Fourth round went really well but all the options that were chosen made it difficult to combine them in the picture. I probably screwed up the measurements but I'll just tally them again and any thing that I missed will be added into the next round.

Looks like Lyn has gotten gotten a pretty big boost to her growth wonder if Kara will catch up.

Round 1 GoblinVStroll round 1 by GoblinHordeStudios Round 2   Goblins VS Trolls round 2 by GoblinHordeStudios

Round 3Goblins VS Trolls round 3 by GoblinHordeStudios
Story: The feud between the Goblin and troll kingdoms have spread far into the realm of mortals into a small town holding a celebration for Jord the earth goddess, hoping that by appeasing her with gold, winter will end soon and a bountiful spring will begin. sitting on an alter in the temple is a large golden statue that would make dragons envious to behold and what started as a battle with blades becomes a tug of war of greed, Jord doesn't appear amused, What kind of punishment shall she deliver for such sacrilege?

WHAT IS THIS?: this is an interactive tip jar. A expansion battle between these two girls who will grow depending on how much you tip.

THE GOAL: To fill the alter chamber with as many gold coins as possible. Each $1= 2  Gold coins, each gold coin in the alter chamber will increase the size of the princess of your choosing by 1 inch/lbs or equivalent.  gold coins may go toward any of the size options below.
Belly Tablet, increases a pregnant like belly
Breast Tablet, increases breast size as well as lactation
Hips Tablet, widens, thickens and enlarges hips, thighs and Booty
You may also choose any body part above individually ex 2 gold coins to Thighs only or all at once.
SALE! SALE! SALE! SALE! SALE! SALE! SALE! SALE! SALE! SALE! SALE! SALE! SALE! SALE! SALE! SALE! SALE! SALE! SALE! SALE! SALE! I greatly appreciate those who've participated 

$1= 2 Gold coins, 1 Gold coin increase a size by 1 inch/lb or equivalent

$10= 1 Ruby, 1 Ruby = 30 Gold coins and access to other kink options like Weight gain, Muscle gain, Hair growth, Multiple boobs and taur

$20= 1 Diamond =50 Gold coins, not only does it increase her size, not only can you choose where exactly it goes but you ALSO get a bonus update of the princess of your choosing hanging out with your OC, only one for each round so note me first if your interested in getting one for that round, first come first serve. What can your OC do with the Princess, kissing, groping, licking, suckling, foot massage, checkers lol

CLICK HERE TO SEND A TIP… afterwards send a note with what you want increased.

If you have paypal send a note with what you want and Ill send you my paypal and you can transfer the money that way.
Hungry Hungry Lion
A silly animated gif of chubby Lisa eating a bunch of cheeseburgers. I pretty heavily referenced another animated gif to create this but I cannot find it to post a link to give credit to the artist, its floating around on tumblr I think. If I find it I'll put the link to it down below.

I don't know why I drew cheeseburgers they seem out of character for Lisa.

The 4 frame style animated gifs are my preferred way to create animations. There not as smooth but you can express greater movement and speed with only four frames. you really need to be talented to imagine motion on such a large scale to do 30+ frames 

Tomorrows gonna be a super busy day but atleast I get Thursday and Friday off from work ^^ on those days Im gonna sleep in and spend the rest of the time drawing.

EDIT: someone recognized the Gif I referanced for this animation and pointed it out that it belonged to :iconsquarewave29: go on and check it out here size_1
Damona milkTEST

An animation of Damona

Has way to many frames to work with so I don’t think Ill finish this one up However if some brave soul is up to the challenge of fixing the animation I might be willing to in and color it.

Lisa Hips animation wip
Here's a little animation I found while browsing my folders. a hip swaying gif of Lisa, Or at least that's the character I intended to draw after I got the animation right. might play around with it in the future to see if I can finish it up.


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Congratulations on Winning First Place dude! Also, thanks for the watch! :D
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sorry for bothering! must get a comm by you!
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